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Many, many thanks go to director, Tim Yoder, and producer, Matthew Hutchens, who created this charming and captivating video. You can also find The Story of Blue Bird Bake Shop on our official YouTube channel »

Exclusive Brew at Our Orlando Coffee Shop

Top Hat Coffee, Blue Bird Bake Shop's own blend

Top Hat Coffee, Blue Bird Bake Shop’s own blend

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At Blue Bird Bake Shop we love good coffee, plain and simple. Launched in 2012, our Top Hat Coffee beans are Rainforest Alliance-certified, shade-farmed, bird friendly, and organically grown in the highlands of Matagalpa in Nicaragua. Top Hat Coffee is 100% organic, environmentally and socially sustainable. Every cup makes a difference.

We offer three roasts that can be purchased by the cup or in one pound whole-bean bags:


Our dark roast beans accentuate a bittersweet chocolate with a velvet finish. A medium body with a medium acidity.


Our light roast beans accentuate a milk chocolate with some berry overtones. A medium body with a smooth flavor and mild acidity.


All the richness of our dark roast coffee beans without the caffeine.

New at the Bake Shop!

Have you heard that we now also offer a variety of Top Hat Coffee speciality drinks? Dark, delicious espressos, creamy lattes and frothy cappuccinos are all on the bill. Try our signature Toasted Marshmallow Latte for a special treat!

Espresso, Top Hat Coffee by Blue Bird Bake Shop

Orlando’s Blue Bird Bake Shop’s cupcakes have been the talk of the town…And like a well-coifed cupcake, the small bakery is a work of art. The cakes are tender and softly sweet without being overwhelming. And the icings have clean flavors without the cloying mouth feel that weigh down the toppings at other bake shops. Fans are raving about a pepper flavored cupcake, so a return trip is in order. It’s a tough job.

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Heather McPherson Heather McPherson

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